Arts in April IV

April 26-28, 2019 – Canton of Turmstadt, Knights Crossing

The Canton of Turmstadt, in the most ancient Barony of Knights Crossing, invites you to enjoy a weekend of period Arts, Crafts and Sciences in the beautiful franconian landscape! We have prepared several classes to feed your hunger for knowledge. Furthermore, there will be room to work on your own projects and let others have a look over your shoulder.


Bürgerspital Iphofen, Julius-Echter-Platz 7, 97346 Iphofen

Site opens Friday 18:00 and closes Sunday 12:00.

The next train station is Iphofen (10 minutes walk), the next airport is Nuremberg (then take the regional train to Iphofen).

There are beds for 33 people. Due to firecodes, the maximum capacity of the site during the day is 40 people, therefore we can not accept more guests than that and will have to insist on a payment to reserve your spot. Thank you for your understanding!
Please bring indoor shoes and bedsheets, no sleeping bags are allowed. You can also book bedding for 8 € per person. No smoking in the house. The site is very (!) discreetly wet. (Officially no alcohol is allowed since it’s a youth building, please act accordingly).

Iphofen offers hotel rooms as well as bed&breakfast:,188.html

Fees (incl. all meals):

Full weekend fee includes traveler‘s fare on Friday, breakfast, lunch and feast on Saturday and breakfast on Sunday. Allergies and other food restrictions should be sent to Baroness Magdelena.

Weekend with overnight stay at the site:             Adult: 36 EUR / Child (4-13): 18 EUR / Family: 80 EUR

Weekend with accommodation off-site.:             Adult: 16 EUR / Child (4-13):  8 EUR / Family: 36 EUR

Daytrip:                                                                 Adult: 16 EUR / Child (4-13):  8 EUR / Family: 36 EUR


Please reserve until April 2, 2019 online via:


Ask about:

general information/reservations: Anna Syveken:

all things edible/dietary restrictions: Magdelena Grace Vane: